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Market outlook: ‘Ticking upward’

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From the HME News

by: Liz Beaulieu – Thursday, October 22, 2015

When The VGM Group launched Accessible Home Improvement of America six years ago, it was probably ahead of its time, acknowledges Jerry Keiderling.

The year was 2009. It was one year after CMS’s failed attempt to launch Round 1 of competitive bidding, and two years before the program eventually took off.

“HME providers were still too worried about how they were going to survive Medicare cuts,” said Keiderling, president of the division. “It was hard to get people’s attention.”

But now, in 2015, reality has set in and providers are finally shifting their thinking to how they can serve their customers in different ways, Keiderling says. Read more

URGENT – Call to Action!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 @ 10:10 AM  posted by jbuytaert

Add your name to the petition as we try to stop Medicare from making inappropriate cuts to funding for Complex Wheelchair Accessories!

Click here to add your name to the petition to bring immediate attention to this serious threat to access for CRT!

100,000 signatures are needed! If you have already signed the petition, please forward this email to others you know!

We encourage all of you to sign this Petition to stop Medicare from making these inappropriate cuts to Complex Wheelchair Accessories.

The Policy has been revised and Medicare in no longer making the physician sign off on the face to face notes if the f2f was performed by a physicians assistant, nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist. Read more below!

Face-to-Face Examination and Prescription Requirements Prior to the Delivery of Certain DME Items Specified in the Affordable Care Act – Revised

DME MAC Joint Publication

This revision incorporates changes in the prescription requirements based upon the Medicare Access and SCHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015.  The original provisions requiring that a physician co-sign a face-to-face examination that was performed by a PA, NP or CNS is removed.

As a condition for payment, Section 6407 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that a physician (MD, DO or DPM), physician assistant (PA), nurse practitioner (NP) or clinical nurse specialist (CNS) has had a face-to-face examination with a beneficiary within the six (6) months prior to the written order for certain items of DME (Refer to Table A for a list of items). Read more