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In Honor of World COPD Day

Thursday, November 19, 2015 @ 11:11 AM  posted by jbuytaert

Words of appreciation for one of our Respiratory Therapists, Shelly Klein, from an ecstatic oxygen customer.

Shelly, my dear Angel Of Mercy!

Thank you SO MUCH for your kind, compassionate and professional care yesterday in getting me set up with your FAB Equinox portable oxygen unit!!

(I call it the “ESCALADE”!!) Haha! I feel like I’ve been let out of jail after being a slave to these tanks from a source that will remain anonymous!!

You made me feel sooo much more confident, comfortable and FREE, I feel like I’m walking on air!! (No pun intended!).

You are a huge credit to Handi Medical specifically and to your chosen profession in particular.

Keep up the great work!

My best personal regards,


November is National Family Caregivers Month!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 @ 11:11 AM  posted by jbuytaert
The ALS Association again salutes those special people who serve as family caregivers during National Family Caregivers Month. The theme for this year’s campaign is “care comes home.” People living with ALS depend on the support of caregivers, many of whom are spouses, children, parents, friends and other loved ones, who put forth time, energy and effort to help meet patient needs.

The Caregiver Action Network (CAN), formally the National Family Caregivers Association, began honoring family caregivers in 1994 during Thanksgiving week, which eventually led to the month of November becoming National Family Caregivers Month. According to NFCA, the value of the services family caregivers provide for “free,” when caring for older adults, is estimated to be $375 billion a year, which is twice the amount spent on home care and nursing home services.

Thanksgiving Thank You 2015
Caregivers of people with ALS face particular challenges due to the progressive nature of the disease. Caregiving is often willingly undertaken out of love and devotion, but over time it exacts an emotional toll and can adversely affect the caregiver’s physical and psychological health. This month and every month, The ALS Association wants to say “thank you” to the thousands of people who take care of family members and loved ones with ALS, and empower them with resources to take care of themselves. These resources include caregiving tips and hintsinformation on coping with burnoutrespite care, and more.
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Monday, November 2, 2015 @ 10:11 AM  posted by jbuytaert