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Lymphedema advocates push for broader coverage

Medicare currently pays for pump therapy, but not compression garments and other supplies

by: Theresa Flaherty – Courtesy of the HME News – Friday, April 22, 2016

WASHINGTON – Lymphedema advocates took to Capitol Hill last week to gain support for legislation that would address a gap in treatment coverage for the chronic and often debilitating condition.

With a presidential election looming in the fall, the Lymphedema Advocacy Group, which held its 2016 Lymphedema Lobby Days April 19-20, wants to take advantage of the time it has now, before lawmakers get too distracted.

“There’s momentum behind this,” said Judy Woodward, chairwoman of awareness for LAG. “We need to make sure that momentum builds and we keep the voices coming. The next two months are a critical window.”

In all, 71 participants from 21 states and the District of Columbia had 214 scheduled meetings with members of Congress. LAG is an all-volunteer organization made up of patients, caregivers, healthcare professional, and HME providers and manufacturers.

The Lymphedema Treatment Act would require Medicare to pay for compression garments, bandages and supplies to reduce lymphedema-related swelling and prevent its recurrence. Currently, Medicare pays for pneumatic compression pumps, as well as therapy provided by a PT/OT.

That’s a little short sighted, say advocates. Read more


Tuesday, April 19, 2016 @ 11:04 AM  posted by jbuytaert

Hello Wound Care Connection!

Please visit the hyperlink below to read about the new terminology for pressure ulcers.

National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) announces a change in terminology from pressure ulcer to pressure injury and updates the stages of pressure injury

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Restore Product Update

Friday, April 15, 2016 @ 02:04 PM  posted by jbuytaert
Dear Valued Customer,

Beginning in April 2016, the Restore™ wound cleanser will feature a new formulation and spray bottle. Product changes were made to keep performance in line with our customers’ expectations. Product SKUs and pricing will remain the same so there will be no changes to ordering.

The New Restore Wound Cleanser Improvements:

  • Formulation changes reduce the number of preservatives while maintaining the same use, function and shelf life as the previous version
  • The spray bottle changes make the bottle easier to hold, now with a smaller circumference
  • The label changes are aligned with Hollister’s rebranding of our Restore wound and skin care product lines

The New Restore Wound Cleanser Benefits:

  • Gentle Wound Cleansing:
    • Specifically formulated to provide gentle yet effective cleansing action
    • Non-ionic surfactant gently loosens debris and microorganisms
  • Efficient Wound Cleansing
    • No rinse formulation promotes rapid dressing changes and minimal disruption of patient comfort
  • Adjustable spray nozzle and safety-sealed bottle
  • Non-cytotoxic
  • Appropriate irrigation pressures: 7 PSI at 2”, 4.5 PSI at 4”

Ordering Information:

We appreciate your continuing support for Hollister Wound Care. If there are any questions, please contact your Hollister account manager, or call Hollister Customer Service at 800-323-4060.

Scott Gottman
US Product Manager, Wound Care
Hollister Incorporated

Confidentiality Statement: This communication (including any attachments) is intended solely for the addressee(s) named above and may contain confidential, proprietary or legally privileged information. Unauthorized use, disclosure, copying or printing is prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify the sender immediately by replying to this communication and then delete the original communication and destroy any copies or printouts thereof.

Diabetes group calls on Congress to #SuspendBidding

Monday, April 11, 2016 @ 08:04 AM  posted by jbuytaert

by: Theresa Flaherty courtesy of HME News

Friday, April 8, 2016

TAMPA, Fla. – With drastically reduced payment amounts for diabetes test strips looming, advocates have taken to social media to call for a suspension of Medicare’s competitive bidding program.

“I think that social media has become what used to be the town square,” said Bennet Dunlap, co-founder of the Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition. “So, hopefully, social media can do some social good.”

DPAC last week launched a campaign calling for the immediate suspension of competitive bidding for diabetes testing supplies. The patient advocacy group has created the Suspend Bidding Action Center ( for site visitors to learn more about the issue, and help them to email their lawmakers and tweet members of Congress using the hashtag #SuspendBidding.

CMS on *March 15 announced single payment amounts for the Round 2 re-compete of competitive bidding, as well as the national mail-order program for diabetes supplies. The new payment amount for test strips is *$8.32 per box compared to $10.41 per box for the original Round 2.

“I hope people will feel concerned enough to say, ‘I don’t have all the details, but hey, Congress, let’s get some experts in there and look into this in the meantime,’” said Dunlap. Read more

Support for Senate File 2569 & House File 3325

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 @ 09:04 AM  posted by jbuytaert

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MSCOD writes to urge your support for Senate File 2569 & House File 3325 –TIM’s (Transportation Independence for Many) Bill that establishes a taskforce and demonstration project to advance self-driving car technology to meet the transportation needs of people with disabilities.

Transportation independence is a critical factor for the liberty, freedom, and autonomy of the millions of Minnesotans with disabilities. Lack of accessible, affordable, and adequate transportation solutions currently limit the independent mobility of many people with disabilities. As a consequence, these individuals are excluded from enjoying many of the rights and freedoms to which we are all entitled, such as accessing employment, education, healthcare, commerce, and social and community activities. Transportation independence is especially a challenge in Greater Minnesota, where paratransit services are particularly limited while mobility is especially critical to individuals’ ability to live independently.

Self-driving cars present a golden opportunity to restore the independence of millions of Minnesotans with disabilities. Virtually all auto-manufacturers are currently developing self-driving cars and a growing number of states are enacting legislation to advance their adoption. This bill places Minnesota at the forefront of ensuring that both the technology and the policy guiding it produce solutions to the pressing transportation challenges facing people with disabilities.

Please send us your short story why and how this technology will affect your life. Feel free to use some of the above language.

Read more