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Enriching Lives: Brent Gregerson

Tuesday, December 26, 2017 @ 02:12 PM  posted by jbuytaert

I helped Brent Gregerson set up a specialty bed and deliver a standing frame on Thursday, July 20th. The condition inside the homes, especially the bed set up, were literally sauna like. I observed three different things during my day with Brent that I feel were unforgettable, above and beyond service.

The manufacturing on some parts of the bed were not complete. Instead of waiting for the correct parts to come and potentially putting the customer at risk during the wait, Brent finished the manufacturing on site. I was very surprised that he even had the parts required with him!

After several hours we completed the bed set up, and the mom of the home asked if we could help her get some of her children out of a locked room. Brent immediately agreed to help. After a few minutes, the children were freed from a potentially dangerous situation.

After the bed set up, we had a standing frame to deliver before completing our day. The address we had in our system did not match where they now lived. Even though this would add another hour to an already long day and make us late to return to Handi Medical, Brent insisted that we complete the delivery and not reschedule. He made this decision even though he had plans after work.

Brent enriched the lives of several people that day, including mine. Because of his actions, the customers we served that day received their much needed equipment in a safe and competent manner. These actions also saved Handi at least two follow-up visits preventing extra workload for our internal customers and inconvenience to our external customers. A mom was also put at ease after a scary situation. Thank you for your great work Brent!

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