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Enriching Lives: Nancy Petrun

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 @ 09:12 AM  posted by jbuytaert

Nancy Petrun had a customer’s son call her around 4:30 pm to say he and his mom were on their way to Handi for an appointment. They live in North Dakota, and were not used to driving in the Twin Cities area. He called back about 20 minutes later and from what I could hear, sounded close to our building; but a bit lost. Nancy asked him what their car looked like and proceeded to go outside to track them down on University Avenue. She was able to locate their care as they were driving by, flag them down and get them to our parking lot. Her appointment then started and she was here until after 5:30 pm making sure everything was okay.

Nancy went above and beyond to assist this customer with finding Handi – I don’t know how many people would physically go out to the street, look for a car and direct them to a parking lot. Thank you Nancy for taking such good care of our customers!

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