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It is well documented that the treatment of cluster headaches with high-flow oxygen brings relief. Your oxygen can be ordered through Handi Medical Supply!

According to the Mayo Clinic:


There’s no cure for cluster headaches. The goal of treatment is to decrease the severity of pain, shorten the headache period and prevent the attacks. Because the pain of a cluster headache comes on suddenly and might subside within a short time, cluster headache can be difficult to evaluate and treat, as it requires fast-acting medications.

Acute treatments

Fast-acting treatments available from your doctor include:

Oxygen. Briefly inhaling 100 percent oxygen through a mask at a minimum rate of at least 12 liters a minute provides dramatic relief for most who use it. The effects of this safe, inexpensive procedure can be felt within 15 minutes. Oxygen is generally safe and without side effects. The major drawback of oxygen is the need to carry an oxygen cylinder and regulator with you, which can make the treatment inconvenient and inaccessible at times.

Cleveland clinic:

How are cluster headaches treated? Continue Reading…

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From HME News

by: Liz Beaulieu – Friday, June 9, 2017

WASHINGTON – When HHS Secretary Tom Price took to Twitter last week to post several videos of small business owners speaking on the negative impact of Obamacare, one in particular caught the eye of social media-savvy HME providers.

Dudley Hoskins Bostic, owner of Hoskins Drug Store in Clinton, Tenn., said, “There is an access issue. It’s not available—it is actually not available to the residents and the citizens of Tennessee. And it’s narrowing as we speak.”

The video, only a few seconds long, had providers wondering whether Bostic was talking about Obamacare—or Medicare’s competitive bidding program.

“My daughter just pulled it up and my mouth fell open,” said Bostic, who hadn’t seen the video until provider Tyler Riddle called her to tell her it was on Twitter. “I know that (Price) is an advocate for us, and I’ve always liked him, even more now, since I’ve met him. He’s such a smart man. But it was DME bidding and rates that I was talking about. They must have chopped that out.”

Bostic says she was part of a recent roundtable discussion in Tennessee hosted by Price and CMS Administrator Seema Verma. While she was fully aware that the focus of the meeting was the Affordable Care Act, she went off script because it’s competitive bidding that has had the most significant impact on her 87-year-old business.

For Hoskins Drug, one of the biggest impacts of the program has been how it limits the ability of the company, which was awarded contracts for several but not all items, to fully take care of beneficiaries.

“They don’t want multiple providers in and out of their homes—it’s supposed to be a calming time for them, not a revolving door,” she said. “They need everything. I can do beds and support surfaces, but I can’t do oxygen. What goes with oxygen, but a bed? It makes no good sense.”

More ominously, Bostic notes that with 40% of HME companies choosing to close their doors, competitive bidding is wreaking havoc on small businesses—and small town America.

“Every community that is thriving has a corner store and a pharmacy,” she said.

During the roundtable discussion that preceded the videotaping, Bostic says she told Price and Verma that Hoskins Drug’s two priorities are getting pharmacists recognized as healthcare providers and securing the reimbursement that goes along with that; and repealing and replacing the competitive bidding program. Continue Reading…

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